Sunday, May 28, 2006


Progress thus far...

I thought that I had better post some evidence that I am actually doing something in this CQRR... Now while this photo looks like I have done scant little - the brain cells have been working overtime... To be honest I had started something else on the block and as it progressed I just knew 'it' just wasn't the right 'it' - if you follow my drift... So... I unpulled it all... I know, I know time is of the essence but I just wasn't happy with what I had done and I wouldn't... Helen pleased don't be concerned I have found the perfect thing and hopefully this afternoon (or what is left of it !!!) I will be able to get on with it... This IT is just the right IT and I will post progress photos soonish!!!!! And the 'blobs' in the photo actually look rather nice in real time... I have just found something else that will (in my mind) just lend itself perfectly... Bliss :-))) Hope - I will have this out in the mail soon - I promise!!!!!

Maureen's blocks 1

Here's what I did with Maureen's blocks. I hope it's o.k....being this first to work on a block is always the hardest for me!



Maureen's blocks 2


Friday, May 26, 2006


Update on Jacqui's Blocks

Finally Jacqui's blocks are all ready to post on.
I decided to keep to the one block. I began by stitching a piece of a vintage hanky with a hand-crocheted edging to one corner,adding some pearls and seed beads to the crochet. I embroidered a spider web rose with lace motif leaves and a woven chain stitch stem. On the adjacent patch, I added a bead and button trail. Sorry the pic isn't crash hot, I took about a dozen pics and this was the best of them. I look a bit like Rudolph at the moment - Have a head-cold (courtesy of my DS) and have gone through almost 2 boxes of tissues already.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


A Mermaid's Purse

Just a bit of "Eye Candy" . This is a project that I am working on...a bead challenge. It is to be a bag for my little GD who is 2 and crazy about bags. The second side is not started, but a similar theme with a mermaid on it, is the plan. As you can see I have used a wild assortment of beads (all part of a swap) and a variety of different threads and textures to create this undersea scene.
An old pair of faded jeans was the base fabric.



She is!!!!!

Thanks Hope for making such a wonderful start to my block... :-))

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Great work!!

I was going to end up leaving a comment on every post, so I thought I would just post!!
It is really good to see some regular posting going on here, and all your work is so inspiring, and I actually get to see it. Jacqui, I love the blackwork heart, and Hope, what a wonderful start to Sharons block. She's got to be happy with that!
Keep it crazy ladies


Under the sea for Sharlee

Here is Sharlee52 first block.
Sharon has done 2 blocks, one in greens and blues which she has called Earth to Sea. It is this block that I chose to embellish. I have used Marlett thread in a Taupe colour to work buttonhole stitch along the seamline alternating above and below the line. This is to break up the "straightness" of the line. I have then used a small piece of knitting yarn in browns/greens and stitched it down using a single thread and featherstitching to make seaweed. Two larger beads with seed bead tentacles complete the patch to make 2 sea anemones. French knots in Edmar Lola Blue/Pink variegated complete the small closed anemones at the base of the larger two.


Joma's second block

This is the second of two blocks that Joma has sent for the CQRR.........I'm itching to stitch! Posted by Picasa

Joma's blocks

.....arrived today from Margaret in Hervey Bay.
This is what Margaret added.
Joma's brief was to "have fun"! Posted by Picasa

Fibrenut's Block

Originally uploaded by Jam_mam.
Here are the blackwork fan and seam I added to Becky' block. I hope you like them Becky : ) Further explanation on my blog allstitchedup.

Maureen, so far having tight deadlines is working really well for me, full of enthusiasm and looking forward to the next block arriving. Hope it continues ; )


Fibrenut's Block

Originally uploaded by Jam_mam.

Monday, May 22, 2006


I got greedy........

Remembering that I said to Margaret I'd "do" some Brazilian embroidery on her block,I added these Japanese violets to the left hand corner of the second block.I used Edmar Iris threads for the flowers and the stem,and each petal has a minimum of 37 wraps in the bullion stitch.
I used the pale peach to stay within the lightcolour range Margaret asked for.
The dark patch is a gold (metallic) flower with a beaded centre

There are still 17 naked patches left,so I hope I'm forgiven.

And Block number 1?? I added a pic a couple of days ago. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 21, 2006


KenmaursCorner: Welcome.........

KenmaursCorner: Welcome.........

Saturday, May 20, 2006


club challenge

Wall hanging "beside the sea at Hervey Bay", not exactly cq but made up of different bits of material. This was a challenge at my Quilters Club, and a lot of fun to make. Margaret

Not exactly CQ,but..............


As some of our members in the current RoundRobin may not be used to adding pics to Blogs,I hope this Post may help you.

To publish your picture , go in through BLOGGER DASHBOARD to "create post" and click on the image/pic in the tool bar to commence the process of adding your pic.

A new window opens: here you can browse your computer files,choose the pic or several pictures and upload it./them.
This also allows you to choose LAYOUT as well as the image size (I leave mine set at medium )
Next you click on the blue upload image at the lwer edge of screen and the upload process begins.
When this is complete, you click the DONE button when it shows up and that small window closes and you're back with your original window.....

NOW in the window where you type your message for publishing, click on preview on the right hand side of the toolbar (this shows if the pic has uploaded etc)
If the picture is okay click on hide preview and type in your comments.
After finishing your comments click the preview to to a proof reading and if satisfied click the Publish Post button below the window, and all should be "sweet".

I hope this helps demystify the process a little.
Go practise!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Dreamer's block

When I have "Time" I'll take a pic rather than a scan:this is what has been done on one of Margaret's blocks.......I'm wondering whether to be greedy and have a tiny "play" with her second block as I think I still have a couple of days' grace before forwarding them to Becky Posted by Picasa

Gorilla foot

For those of you who missed the foot fashion statement..........
half of a pair!

(the devil made me do it!) Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


KenmaursCorner: Jan & me

KenmaursCorner: Jan & me

Meeting an online friend

I met an online friend today.......Jan has been down in Brisbane whilst her husband has been having surgery .Some of my online friends joined with me in the making of the small quilt as a way of showing support and care for someone going through difficult times.
Those of you who read Handmade,Country Threads and various similar Australian craft mags have probably admired her patterns in the different that comes to mind is a Redworked "Bad haired day"!
I can tell you there is a gorgeous rose stitchery and a tea cosy in the pipeline,I'll warn you when to look!
There are other pics over on one of my other blogs Posted by Picasa

Hearts for Jan

 Jan and Mik are returning to Yungaburra next Saturday morning after Mik's stint in Hopsital for surgery;
So today I finally met my online friend and gave her the wall-hanging quilt of Hearts for Jan and Mik.
She had her 'spicions that I was brewing 'mischief' but I think she really loved that so many people unknown to her would take time out to show they cared and send messages of hope and comfort.

It proves that yet again the sisterhood of stitchers are trying to keep a sense of balance in this world.
Thank you ladies! Posted by Picasa

Hearts for Jan & Mik

Way back in March,you may remember me mentioning a 'secret' project I was endeavouring to bring to fruition for an online friend.
I told some of my online friends about Jan and her husband and how they were having some health problems at the time.
Lovely, caring,sharing stitchers in Australia,United Kingdom,U.S.A. and New Zealand stitched the hearts and forwarded them to me to "do something" with!
This is the result! Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 15, 2006


fibrenut's naked bloxk

Originally uploaded by Jam_mam.
here is becky's block before I started sewing :) Becky is making it into a swing bag so the top is as pictured. Now just need to decide what to add :)

Sunday, May 14, 2006


RR Rozhearts block

Here is the seam and patch treatment I have done on Rozhearts needlecase. I am no longer a RR virgin!! Whoop whoop. I wasn't sure if the patch and the seam should be together, but I liked this blue piece of fabby, so I used it.

Another first is that I used silk ribbon for my SRE. I am going to have to find a way to get some more of that. It is so much nicer to use than the cheap stuff I get at spotlight. This was in a wee pack that my mum gave me. Thanks Mum!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006



Don't quite know where they went earlier. I just downloaded them again. The colours are definately off in the top pic they look too grey.
This afternoon my mind was working overtime ( pity the body won't co-ordinate though) LOL. Just thinking.......I could do a whole series of wall-hangings entitled "The Colours Of Nature". Could even hold an exhibition. "Pipedreams"? Yes maybe. But.....You just never know.



My first block has an under the sea theme. Mostly aqua shades, some pieces have swirls and watermarks, others are hand-dyed fabrics from an ocean baggie swap I once took part in. I like the idea of piecing some similar blocks and turning them all into a larger wall-hanging.
My second block is pieced from more neutral-coloured fabrics with different textures - linens, cottons, silks etc. This pic is not quite showing the true colours, they are slightly more creamy shades.
This block will eventually also be part of a larger wall-hanging. I envisioned it as being created from as many different textured fabrics ( as natural-fibred as possible ), in shades of cream through beiges to the many different tones of brown. Using these same shades to embellish it, I'd love it to exhibit all kinds of natural fibres and objects eg. jute, hemp, hessian, silk, cotton, wood, cork, bone, MOP, tortoiseshell, leather, feathers, beads, buttons, threads, string etc. etc. Albeit some of these may have to be of the faux variety, the end result should look just as good.
Don't be daunted, I'd be just as happy with a seam treatment in DMC as with any of the above. Please just have lots of fun. I know I will be.

Monday, May 08, 2006



Here are my 'naked' blocks already packed and eagerly awaiting their journey to begin... I wish I could make myself small enough to come with them and visit you all... These blocks were constructed out of a furnishing sampler which I bought from an op shop last year... I wanted to create a graduated colour scheme... The green/blue block I have christened 'Earth to Sea' - although I have scanned it upside down - I have nominated a top and bottom of the block... The pinkish/yellowish block I have left open to interpretation and I have not nominated a top and bottom... I will be interested to see how these blocks return... I unfortunately had to patch the bottom block as I managed to cut through the foundation block... But on the bright side I learnt heaps as I put these blocks together considering these are still in the single figures of my CQ education...


Dreamer's naked blocks


These two rectangular blocks arrived today for me to work on;
Margaret has used a coffee and cream combination in both blocks and I look forward to working with soft pastel tones in the embellishments. Posted by Picasa

Jacqui's block

I tried tweaking the pic a little ...hope you don't mind! Posted by Picasa
Hello all :)

Just thought I's show a peek of the naked blocks before they are posted off tomorrow - sadly cannot focus my camera but will plead old age, stress, living in a building site and general uselessness - take your pick of which excuse you prefer :)

SO here they are


I guess you might be able to tell I am going for a White on White colour scheme so you will not have to worry about colour choices for my piece :) Please decorate a seam or meander at will, texture and stitch combinations are the order of the day. Have fun and do not worry, it will be fine :) Honestly, just fine!

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Some Antique Eye Candy

I found this Link on one of the sites I visit..........Circa 1844 A Victorian period Crazy Quilt!

"This spectacular Victorian CRAZY QUILT is organized around 15 original "FRAMED" hand paintings, presumably ALL painted by the quilt maker, Anna E Cross, in 1884. She signed and dated the painting in the lower left corner. Another of the paintings, the one with a figure of a man walking away from the viewer, is also dated 1884."

In my opinion,apart from the framed paintings,it's well worth a close look to examine the seam treatments.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006



An email from Jo yesterday reminded me that some of you haven't taken part in a CQ Round Robin before,and are probably wondering WHAT details to add to your logbook.

Mine is just a simple 14 leaf notebook made by quartering A4 paper.
In it I've written a general note explaining that my theme is Autumn/Autumn leaves,because living in a sub tropical area I miss the visual aspects of Autumn.

So your log is just a brief note to mention what you plan
to do with your block when it's completed;
whether you have a theme in mind;
colours or even embellishments you DO NOT want (if you have strong ideas that way)

I think that about covers it......

Inside the back cover I have pasted a list of contact email addies,but with PM facilities on the Craft site,and this Blog,we probably wont need them.

Okay ladies,you should be close to farewelling your blocks on their big adventure;hopefully you will enjoy yourselves,learn new skills,make new friends and have some gorgeously embellished block(s) finally return home to you.

Monday, May 01, 2006


Thinking Autumn

The second of my two blocks for the CQRR06.
I've decided to stay with Autumn colours for both blocks;This one has fourteen segments. Posted by Picasa

Colour me,Autumn

One of two naked blocks for the CQRR that's about to get up and running.
I thought once again I'd go with a fan pattern.
It has eight segments for embellishing. Posted by Picasa

4.5 by 8.5 inches

Back about 2002/3 I participated in a Needlebook Round Robin with some of the SoutherncrossCrazies.
By my count there are 11 patches in the block,not 16 as I think the pattern I suggested using has.(Apologies for bad grammar) Posted by Picasa

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