Friday, January 19, 2007

Hi All! Nothing on the missing blocks as yet. :( On the bright side I have finished Sharon's blocks and will post pics here by next week. Jacqui, could you email me your mailing addy again? My email is creativepassage-at-comcast-dot-net. I'm ashamed to say I went to address the package to send today and couldn't find it. I'll be mailing it Global priority with insurance!!


Thursday, January 18, 2007


Helen's blocks and other things.

Helen's blocks left Queensland today to visit Evie in New Zealand.
With my impending move,I thought it safer to send the blocks to someone else rather than risk misplacing them in the chaos reigning here.

When Evie has finished her bout of stitching,she'll forward them to Becky in California.......
hopefully these will survive the mail and not go AWOL.

I wonder if Becky has had any updates on the saga of the missing blocks??
(Hope ,Jo and LynetteB are the owners of blocks that are MIA.)

Ladies,I think it's time for another roll call!
Please report in here and/or on the CQRR06 message board in the Craft Club.

Me?? I'm back to packing removal cartons!

Monday, January 08, 2007


Friday, January 05, 2007


There was movement at the station..........

With apologies to Banjo Patterson, I'll say that there's movement at the station and I want the word to go around........
That these TWO beauties belonging to Helen arrived today.!

It seems ages since I had any blocks,when in reality it was only mid December I posted Sharon's to Becky, and I guess/hope that Becky must be close to forwarding to Jacqui.

Back to Helen's blocks:
There are two blocks for Helen,and I'll be the eighth person to work on them.

The first block,Helen is planning on incorporating into a wall hanging and she prefers natural fibres and items in shades ranging through creams/beige/browns.
Hope's picot woven Flannel flower,and Roz' seam treatment with curving ribbons and embroidered flowers are well worth a close look!

The second block has an " under the sea" theme,and Sharon's seahorse is really a delight,below which is the seaweed (Margaret's?) with the shells and beads........Margaret's comment was that she made this with Solvy.Knowing what a whizz she is with the machine techniques,I'm presuming I read the logbook correctly in assuming it's her work.
Heaven knows what I'll add.......will need to think on it a while. Posted by Picasa

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