Sunday, May 28, 2006


Progress thus far...

I thought that I had better post some evidence that I am actually doing something in this CQRR... Now while this photo looks like I have done scant little - the brain cells have been working overtime... To be honest I had started something else on the block and as it progressed I just knew 'it' just wasn't the right 'it' - if you follow my drift... So... I unpulled it all... I know, I know time is of the essence but I just wasn't happy with what I had done and I wouldn't... Helen pleased don't be concerned I have found the perfect thing and hopefully this afternoon (or what is left of it !!!) I will be able to get on with it... This IT is just the right IT and I will post progress photos soonish!!!!! And the 'blobs' in the photo actually look rather nice in real time... I have just found something else that will (in my mind) just lend itself perfectly... Bliss :-))) Hope - I will have this out in the mail soon - I promise!!!!!
I love those blobs Sharon, they look like they belong underwater. I often do the unpicking thingy as well and I always find being the first to work on the block the hardest LOL
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