Monday, October 31, 2005


Naked blocks


Because a couple of newbies have indicated their willingness to take part in the Christmas ornie Swap,I thought that maybe a "naked block "might help.
I've decided to use a bell template for these and you can see how I've roughly blocked out the design shape in order to mass produce(?) three at a time and get maximum use of my block. Posted by Picasa

Mary's block

Mary's block
Originally uploaded by Jam_mam.
forgive me for repeating myself but here are those photos again - but in natural light to show their true colours. Ah, that's better :) As you can see - most of the design is actually buttons, but I am hooked on shisha so expect to see more of these in the near future - Christmas ornies perhaps?


Closer view

Closer view
Originally uploaded by Jam_mam.
Here's a better photo - this time out of focus but at least these are the true colours under daylight rather than artificial light.

Sunday, October 30, 2005




Sorry Jacqui,the lack of comment posting (you know what I mean) must have happened when I was attempting improve the sidebar settings.
I hope it works this time as it keeps wanting to revert to "No comment"

Saturday, October 29, 2005


New CQers blocks for DDs (and GDS)

Hello all :-)

Anyone who is working on the DD's CQ block (either mine or Diane's) who would like to be able to post photos to this blog should send Maureen (Luvs2cq) a pm with their email address through the craft forum. She will then be able to send them an invite to join the group. Once you are a memeber of the CQ Crazy group you can post new messages of your own as well as leaving comments on previous messages. Any problems please leave a note on the new CQers thread on the forum in the Swap Shop section :-) Maureen, I notice that at the moment I cannot leave comments here on any of the posts. I thought it might just be the ones done through Flickr but it seems to be all of them, could you tweak the settings? Ta very muchly :-)

Closer view of my work on Mary's block

Closer view of my work on Mary's block
Originally uploaded by Jam_mam.
Two 12 year old girls (more to follow?) are sending cq blocks around the world for a group of internet cq friends of their mums' to embroider and embellish. Hopeing to plant seeds for future crafters in the next generation :) Mairead tells me that purple and orange are opposit each other on the colour wheel (?) so that's why I chose these threads. The block is very floral so this seemed appropriate and Mary has decorated her log book with a butterfly so there are plenty of butterflies to keep it company here. I am having a shisha moment so I started with these little pieces of 'mirror' (actually cut from an old CD- thanks SharonB) and the rest 'grew' from there. Hope everyone likes it :-) Maureen and Belle were a hard act to follow!


Mary's CQ block as at 28/10/05

Mary's CQ block as at 28/10/05
Originally uploaded by Jam_mam.
Overview of the whole block after 3 of the friends and Mary herself have done their magic. Now it will be off on it's travels again :) As you can see it is filling up nicely. Sadly the photograph doesn't do it justice and was taken under artificial light which has yellowed the beautiful purples, greens and oranges.
Every time I look at this it looks worse :( so I will be taking another photo today to try and get acurate colours - fingers crossed.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Xmas Ted


Not exactly CQ,but made for a very young lady for her Christmas tree!(No peeking KJ)
I think I'll try adding some CQed fabric to some polystyrene balls and see what happens Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Dancing Fans


My four blocks from a RR known as "Dancing Fans" arrived home today and I just had to share them with you.
These blocks for the last five or so months have journeyed from Queensland,through Victoria, South Australia, and across to the south-west of W.A before returning home.
It seems so long since I first pieced them to send them on their way,but I'm sure you'll agree that the wait was worthwhile!
I'll have to go take a pic of my CQRR fan block with these,and mull over how to set them all together!
KenmaursCorner has the progressive pics of these blocks "somewhere" in its Archives Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Jam-mam's block

Here's Jam-mam's block, I've just received it back from Elly, who has added this dainty lacy lass, with a sparkle of beads around her.

Now to do my bit :)

Monday, October 17, 2005


Mary's Block

Mary's Block
Originally uploaded by Jam_mam.
Hi all, here is a photo showing the whole of Joma's DD Mary's block.b Before I add my contribution. I do like purple! Getting ready to post this I had a flash of inspiration about what I'm going to add :) I often find that looking at things on the pc helps, I guess that's why they sell those reducing thingies in quilt shops. I'll be adding some details about my plans to my blog allstitchedup. So Joma if you don't want to se - you have been warned :)



This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Hope's block


Here is a pic of Hope's block sent in by pinup,who was the last to work on it.
Pinup added her trademark Art doll faces and nestled them in Angelina fibres plus paui shell chips.
Please Hope or pinup correct me if I've forgotten any details. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 14, 2005


Eye candy


A friend thought I needed a new dose of eye candy!Check it out....under "gallery"

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


The RR is drawing closer to completion


The current Rr consisting of two groups the so-called Newbies and those designated as being adventurous.I think it would have been less stressful as TeamA and team B(yeah! Not very original I know)
The members of the "Newbies" have been enduring a stressful period with one or two members neglecting to notify them that real-LIFE was throwing up a few problems.Even in these days of instant(well almost) communication people tend to forget that the old fashioned form of letter writing still exists.....and a simple post card mailed to one member would ease the stress for all concerned.
I'm still a firm believer in simple "good manners"---a thank-you;an apology of "sorry I'm going to be a little behind schedule" or even "hey! your blocks arrived safely" is all that is needed!
So endeth my sermon!!
On a more cheerful note: A visit to SharonB's inaminuteago is more than ever worth while to those of us hooked on CQ.

Today's discourse is what I believe she based her workshop at The CQ Canberra Retreat on last year.
I never did manage to write clear notes on what she said,so I'll surely be printing out these pages for future reference.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Miss_nance's blcock

Miss_Nance's block ready to head hometo Gail!

Posted by Picasa
Wouldn't you know?
This is the one time I haven't kept a scan of the Logbook accompanying the block in question to refresh my memory,so if I miss anything,please let me know Gail!
First up,I thought that the bead trail over the red patch looked a little bare for an evening bag,so ,using Shiraz coloured silk ribbon(dyed with Ozecraft dyes) I added some roses,both the spider web styled and the loose straight stitched full blown blossoms,that are held down with a seed pearl bead in the centre.
Above that in the black patch were added some "Japanese violets" in Edmar rayon thread.....I seem to remember a count of 35 wraps to each bullion stitch Jacqui :-)
Sliding down to the second black patch,you'll see a bright red "thingie"! This did not photograph at all well,but what it is,is a couple of red acrylic flowers with red seed beads acting as foliage around the flowers.(This was added to add yet more of the glitter that Gail asked for!
The seam below is a loopy lavender braid,and below that,on the blue patch is a(shiny)cut glass blue bead,some pearl hearts and some iridescent bugle beads;I'm not sure whether I added the gold feather stitch below that?Then there's a butterfly sitting on the gold stitching!
Finally,we had a web and no spider!So my spider went walkabout and ended up dangling as he tried to reach Kellie's wreath!
I felt more than a little greedy adding so much to the block,but I didn't want Gail to feel that she still had a lot of patches left to work on.
As I said in my note,if there's too much there,do the Frogstitch dance,Gail!

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