Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Sharon's blocks

These two blocks owned by Sharon arrived from Margaret late last week;
The pink/yellow block to use Sharon's words "...would look good embellished to within an inch of its life......"
and she'll decide what it will be in its next life,when it finally returns home.
(Sharon,it's "getting there"!)

The blue/green block Sharon has christened 'Earth to Sea/Water' and she is planning for it to end up as a piece of fibre art or a snazzy small bag-a continual art piece.

So far the blocks have been worked on by
Margaret; and now it's my turn.!
So on goes the thinking cap..................... Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 27, 2006


Taffy Cq

The beaut block I received from Belle in the forum Mateship swap. Great work especially the dog, the image of my Maltese X , Taffy. Thanks Belle XXXXXX Margaret

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Maureen's 2nd block...

I wasn't going to do anything to Maureen's second block - but as it turned out I (like a dill!!!!) forgot to take Hope's addy with me to work - so I couldn't post it... So last night I remembered I had bought some little metal butterflies ages ago - the rest is history so they say.... I hope you don't mind Maureen - but I just couldn't resist...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


A wonderful feast of eye candy

It's been a "few days" since I've had time to go trawling the blogs for delicious eye candy.,
and I've just had a wonderful visit over on
Allison Aller 's blog.
She shows us not only a brilliant pieced fan quilt,but also a machine appliqued
"Mary's leaf quilt" and her Crazy for flowers blocks.

Do use the Link and go visit...............!

I wish I had a sister who would give me such glorious quilts.Allison,will you please adopt me?


Updating CQRR06


Late last month,everything fell in a heap,when it was discovered that three sets of blocks I'd mailed on in separate postings to Becky had not arrived:

These included blocks for Jo in NZ;
Hope in Queensland,
and Lynette in Victoria.
The weird thing was that Roz ' blocks(which slot in between Lyn and Jo in the round robin)
slipped through okay and should now be about due back with Helen in Australia.

Investigations at my end reveal that unless I pay for Registered mail as well as First class Airmail there is no way the postal system can track the mail in question.....and then it's only a case of getting "someone" to sign that they have received it.

This is the first time in over six years of regularly posting International mail that I've had any go missing............I'm wondering if I should reduce the amount of information I include on the Customs Declaration for starters................
apart from withdrawing from international swaps,has anyone any suggestions ?

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Maureen's block...

Here is your fan block Maureen... I have done the section with the butterflies... As time is of the essence I will be sending (finally!!!!) off tomorrow to Hope... I have decided not to add to the second block as I know it still has a way to go before it heads home... I think that this block will look spectacular when completed and working on it has whetted my appetite to make one for myself (next year!!!!)... Now onto dreamers block...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Roz's Block

roz2 I am doing this manually to sidestep the flickr software which wont work! So fingers crossed everyone!

I do hope this is finally going to work. Flickr is playing me up!

Here is Roz's beautiful flower garden. I added the central panel in the photo. There are some lace motifs which I have been saving for a project with just these colours so it only seemed right to use them here. Flower gardens also attract butterflies so 3 have made it to this quiet corner of floral heaven. Then I also added a seam treatment of lazy daisy and french knots which doesn't show very well in the photo but works nicely IRL.

Roz's block is finally on it's way so hopefully things are moving again.

i wholeheartedly appologise to everyone for stalling on this for so long and I renew my committment to pass on any future blocks I recieve in 2 weeks. I will do my utmost to improve my times on this cq ladies and I am sorry for holding things up for so long. *blushes*

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