Friday, March 23, 2007


Returning to Jacqui

These blocks left today to return to Jacqui in the UK.
So many blocks went MIA in the postal system mainly between Quuensland and California,that Jacqui requested these be sent to her direct.

I can only hope that St Christopher,patron saint of travellers sees fit to let these arrive safely at their destination!

I've been involved in international swaps now for nearly seven years and until this current round have never had so much mail go astray.
What makes it even more sickening, was the fact that most of the blocks had had a fair amount of work/handwork done on them.

I think the second of these blocks with the cat as central feature is my favourite........did I ever say how much I love cats!
LynB worked the cat,and I DO like the way it is framed by bead and button trails etc.
Pinup added her trademark.......the face painted in Jacquard Lumiere.
Me? I cheated and added some tatting and beads.
On the other block I used some Edmar Lolla & Iris threads and added a couple of Japanese violets with MoP chips as accent 'leaves'.

One thing I did need to frogstitch,was a pretty piece of white braid.........well,I thought it was WHITE but once in position it looked PINK!
So it had to go..........(amazing how some whites are not actually white)
Even looking at those Edmar threads.....both labelled OOO( for white) look cream to me.
Sorry 'bout that Jacqui
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Thursday, March 08, 2007


Just posting these latest pics of Sharon's gorgeous blocks for Jacqui. They are now heading my way and I can't wait to see them!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007



In the littoral zone! Whilst waiting for
inspiration" to strike with a view to working on Jacqui's White in White CQRR,I felt the need to play.
One of the groups I'm involved with,had the theme "trapped";

Only trouble was,it was the machine-needle-felting and after a couple of months of my Xpressions being moth-balled I've nearly forgotten how to use it!

So this piece is a no-brainer to get me back into making journal quilts again.

Rainbow paper was used to colour the silk Noil fabric and then shells, and yarns representing seaweed were trapped behind some black bridal tulle.
A piece of driftwood left by previous house owner was draped with faux -fur yarn and added at the base.

My idea was to represent the sealife trapped by a falling tide.
(reminder to odd thong (flip-flop sandal) needs to be added) Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Jacqui...if you dont want to know.................

Look away right now! These are Jacqui's two white on white they reached me earlier this week!
So far..........(I "think") all but Becky and myself have worked on them.

It's a difficult choice...........the blocks are "white on white" fabrics;

and to present a vibrant block with NO contrasting colours..............various textures have been employed,with stitches,thread ,buttons and beads.

Let's hope that Jacqui is happy with the results! Posted by Picasa

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