Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Meeting an online friend

I met an online friend today.......Jan has been down in Brisbane whilst her husband has been having surgery .Some of my online friends joined with me in the making of the small quilt as a way of showing support and care for someone going through difficult times.
Those of you who read Handmade,Country Threads and various similar Australian craft mags have probably admired her patterns in the different publications....one that comes to mind is a Redworked "Bad haired day"!
I can tell you there is a gorgeous rose stitchery and a tea cosy in the pipeline,I'll warn you when to look!
There are other pics over on one of my other blogs http://kenmaurscorner.blogspot.com/ Posted by Picasa
What a lovely idea. I'm sure she will always tresure that quilt.
Many thanks to all who contributed to the wonderful quilt, we were both blown away by the kind thoughts and work that have gone into it. Mik still has a long way to go yet, another op in 6 weeks, but I'm sure all the love that was put into making that quilt will help us through. Maureen - thank you for doing this for us, I'm so glad we met, I had a wonderful afternoon with you and ken and the quilt was a beautiful surprise.
Wailer sends a doggy kiss.
Hugs to you all.

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