Thursday, September 28, 2006


A bit of tweaking...


I took the liberty of tweaking the editing of Jacqui's pic of pinup's 'other' block and lightened it a little.(Hope you don't mind J!!)
I LOVE the dragonfly button!
I'll also try (sometime in next day or so) to upload pics in sequence,so we can see how the blocks are progressing.

Just a warning though..........don't hold your collective breath as things are a bit chaotic "here" at home base.
I'm running around like a chook with it's head cut off!

(Translation for non-Aussies: substitute 'hen' or 'chicken' for 'chook' :-) Posted by Picasa

pinup's other block

pinup's other block
Originally uploaded by Jam_mam.
Now this is a big cheat because it isn't 'sewing' as such but when I went to Pavi Yarns the other week they had these lovely checoslovakian (err not sure if they're chec or slovac?) glass buttons. I have been on the look out for something for Pinup's second block and these seem the perfect thing. So now there are dragonflies on both blocks Pinup :o) Both blocks are filling up nicely and the parcel, well padded , enought to protect the glass I hope, is ready for me to take to the post office in the morning. So look out Helen get your sunglasses out, they're bright. Not like that gloomy photgraph at all, but that's what you get when you try to photograph things at 11pm! *rolls eyes* Next up is Rozhearts block.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Hope's fairy garden

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Sometimes even fairies get tired of playing only with flowers,and like a bead and button trail for a change!

Using doll buttons and seed as well as delica beads(to keep to the small scale required )I added the bead and button trail just above the spider's web.

There's still room for someone else to grow a vine or something similar,above and around the trail .

Time now to update the Logbook for Hope and leave the parcel with the postal pixies to get it to BeckY Posted by Picasa

Close up.....


A close up of the button and bead trail,showing how I've used delica beads as flower centres over the buttonholes.
There's a few SRE leaves and small greenery in Rayon threads. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 08, 2006


ATC with Japanese/haiku theme


These days I seem to be spending more time on KenmaursCorner than blogging on CQCrazy.

So,although this isn't strictly CQ I thought that as I'd acquired the Obi fabric for use in CQ might excuse me!

The ATC swap was themed" Japanese and Haiku":
The brief was to choose a haiku and then construct an ATC (Artist Trading Card) to illustrate the theme of the haiku.
We could either compose our own haiku or choose one of the masters.
I chose finally to use this:

A folded fan of Autumn
Is inserted
In the obi hard like a fan.
Now I'd bought this,and a larger fan at last October's Stitches & Craft Show in Brisbane,and I felt that this haiku by Hisajo Sugita and the Obi fabric were perfect for the display of the smaller fan.

On the reverse of the fan I've made a tulle pocket to hold the haiku card.
This is one ATC I won't be trading---It's also my first.

The other four were mailed to NZ today.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Fairy Floss


Hope's "Fairy Floss" block arrived here today,and is an absolute delight with hollyhocks,and roses and iris blooming in the garden to keep the resident fairy content.

It's going to be difficult to keep up with you lot on this one,so I'll need to go and put the thinking cap on!
I guess I'll be thinking "Spring" as that is our current season down here. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 04, 2006


It's on its way!


LynB's blocks are on their way across the Pacific.
As the website of the Craft Forum is in major disarray,thanks to a mischievious,malignant soul,I'll leave messages here for the CQRR06 members and hope the members think to check in here for updates.

I'm in a bit of a lull at the moment ,when it comes to Crazy quilting:

Postcards completed for a "carnival" swap.

I have committments to (behind schedule) art journal quilts,but I did use the carnival theme for one quilt.
I need to make more craftie "thingies" for grand-daughter's school fete;
a 'few' ATCs
Not to mention a large house yard that needs "house keeping" and a humongous heap of windows that are so yukky that birds no longer crash into them.
Anyone know of a spare genie or three available for hire at dirt cheap rates??

Friday, September 01, 2006


KenmaursCorner: Art journal quilt

KenmaursCorner: Art journal quilt

Mary's Block

Finally I have finished Mary's (Joma's daughter) block... I had so little to do on it and just couldn't get to it... I hope you like it Mary... I combined painting, stitching and beading for Mary's block - each of the butterflies were handpainted as was the background behind the grasses... I wanted to give my piece a sense of movement both with the butterflies and the music notes... Perhaps my overall theme is that nothing stays the same - Life is always moving...
Now over to you LynB for the next contribution...

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