Saturday, May 20, 2006


Not exactly CQ,but..............


As some of our members in the current RoundRobin may not be used to adding pics to Blogs,I hope this Post may help you.

To publish your picture , go in through BLOGGER DASHBOARD to "create post" and click on the image/pic in the tool bar to commence the process of adding your pic.

A new window opens: here you can browse your computer files,choose the pic or several pictures and upload it./them.
This also allows you to choose LAYOUT as well as the image size (I leave mine set at medium )
Next you click on the blue upload image at the lwer edge of screen and the upload process begins.
When this is complete, you click the DONE button when it shows up and that small window closes and you're back with your original window.....

NOW in the window where you type your message for publishing, click on preview on the right hand side of the toolbar (this shows if the pic has uploaded etc)
If the picture is okay click on hide preview and type in your comments.
After finishing your comments click the preview to to a proof reading and if satisfied click the Publish Post button below the window, and all should be "sweet".

I hope this helps demystify the process a little.
Go practise!
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