Saturday, April 30, 2005

Fan # 4 :as yet no embellishment.I must re-tweak my scanner and make the colours "truer".I realize that I'm not practising what I preach:Insufficient patterns and textures in block but hopefully embellishing will provide that.

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Fan No.3

"naked"Fan # 3 ,which I'm planning on using in a Round Robin

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Thursday, April 28, 2005


Embellishing.......and the back of the work.

Hope raised a point in "Comments" that I replied to privately;I've since realised that I should have blogged my reply:
She asked whether,when embellishing a block,it was alright to stitch through the backing/foundation fabric---------
First up,I'd have to say that most people do just that!
Yes,it generally looks messy on the back in comparison with "normal embroidery",but as most of us aren't considering entering into serious competition or judging of our work I don't think it matters greatly.
With some patches it is easy to keep stitching between the two layers(fancy surface and foundation)Others are not so easy.
Depending on HOW you are going to use the completed block also affects the treatment of the back (of the foundation fabric)
e.g. If you're planning on a bag,a cushion or even a wall hanging/quilt,you're likely to be adding a lining of some sort later in the construction.

Just make certain you FIRMLY anchor the beginning and ending of threads,as some have a mind of their own(Edmar rayon for example) and these,you do need to anchor securely
to prevent fraying and unravelling due to their "Z" twist.
Above all,remember that CQ is to be enjoyed
Try making your own stitches up..........if the effect is satisfactory and pleasing to you.Leave it as it is.
Three more seams embellished on the Rainbow Garden block

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As you can see from the scan,three more seam embellishments have been added:
Below the floral vine,and again using Marlitt rayon in Salmon and Sky I've stitched two rows of lazy daisies to form a row of Butterflies.

The next seam up,using a Forest green dyed silk thread I used a combination of 2 short one long blanket stitch.To the 'long' blanket stitch I added small lazy daisy leaves and a ble bead "flower'.
Finally,coming down from the blanket stitched flowers I've used a "Maiden-hair stitch" and added French knot pink blossoms.Not botanically correct,but!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The templates for a six inch CQed fan.Imade paper templates and pieced fabrics by sew and flip.NOTE: SectionB is comprised of 6 blades,but not being keen on mathematical precision I add these by "guess" rather than measuring 15 degree angles at base.DONT FORGET to add seam allownaces for easy applique.

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Three seam treatments on the block.
Silk ribbon flower in 7mm ribbon(Ribbon dyes with Ozecraft dyes)
Buds in 4mm ribbon in Edwardian red and dusky pink using ribbon stitch.
The berriesin purple,light lavendar and deep lavender, were done in Colonial stitch with blue beads for extra texture.
Carrying on from the lavender braid are chainstitched half-wheels in Marlitt lavender with deeper purple straight stitched spokes;
Down on the floral print are alternate sized blanket stitching in forest green silk (Ozecraft dyes yet again)to which "leaves" and beaded flowers have been added.

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Monday, April 25, 2005

A scan of pages 1 and 2 of my "Rainbow Garden"logbook.

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Logbook for RR

Basically all that is needed is a small notebook of 10-12 pages maximum.
DON'T make them too fussy or heavy,because that will add to the postage rates and we do have a couple of offshore participants!!
(You can always add a fancy cover "later")

First up,it's a good idea to list the names,postal addresses,and email addies of those participating as it saves having to go looking for info when it's time to forward the RR tothe next person.

Next: It's YOUR piece,so,tell us how you plan to use it;
What are your likes,dislikes, regarding colour and type of embellishment.
One lady I know HATES owls;
I love cats!(cat buttons,charms generally appear somewhere on my blocks)
If you don't like big buttons or "CLUNKY" bead or button trails,say so!

Then it's up to each RR'er to add what she added to the block;
e.g:" On the purple/green seam I stitched a Cretan stitch in orange cascade silk"
(NO,I wouldn't normally do anything like that)
The person could also add a comment like:"I don't normally work with these colours so it's been a challenge to my comfort zone............"
Whatever YOU think is relevent!
If you go to somewhere there in the last 2 weeks I added a copy of a page from one of my Logbooks,with the relevent block.
I hope this helps you Jacqui,and others!

Sunday, April 24, 2005


Hope's RR piece

I have finally got round to accepting Maureen's invitation, and joining.

My piece for the RR at the moment is intended to be a Front cover for my craft Patterns Folder. The focus piece of fabric was a Hoffman, with beautiful rich tones of Purple, blues, purple browns etc. I have added other pieces in cottons, satins, satin crepes, organza and silks as well as a glorious flame coloured lurex silk taffeta(I think) . MAny of the fabrics come from dance costume off-cuts and since some of the costumes are quite old I have forgotten exactly what fabrics they were.

Thanks to Maureen I have been gathering ideas for embellishment from the different sites she has recommended. I am really looking forward to the challenge of each and everyone's pieces

Online class for CQ

The following site was mentioned in one of today's "newsletters" and I thought I'd pass it on in case you were still looking for hints for constructing your blocks:

As well as tips on making that block,there are also some quite clear embroidery diagrams to get you started.

Fans for the RR

As I was saying,I have not used as many textures or prints as I probably should;
Normally I'd have dyed the lace to a darker shade,but I thought that by using the white it gives better definition to the fan . There is still sewing to be done: Applique the fan blades to the lace,and applique the "centre" over the base of the fan blades.Fan #1 was constructed by sewing pieces straight to foundation fabric, and Fan#2 I did using paper templates and appliqueing the 3 parts to the foundation.

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The fans I started today for the RR.I think I broke most "rules" that I've suggested others heed:

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Saturday, April 23, 2005



To Jacqui and Elly..........
If I've interpreted the 'thing" properly,you should be able to post your own messages now regarding your blocks for the RR

Getting ready for the RR

I realised today that if I was going to use my last naked "Rainbow Garden" block to demonstrate various embellishments,and "following a theme",I'd NEED something for the RR.
I thought I'd try LindaB's method as shown in
and then I remembered how mathematically challenged I am when it comes to segments of circles :-(
I thought I'd make four 6inch (finished size) squares one for the "newbies"RR
one for the "more adventurous"
and two for "later on"
I've decided to use rich jewel tones;I've marked out the squares back and front on the foundation fabric;I've made a template for base of the fan and started on the "bits" around the top of the fan-----
Now it's time to bite the bullet,and DO the segments/panels of the fan.------

maybe I'll just do some more embellishing on the Rainbow Garden instead!


Types of embellishment

Embellishing !!

(I "lifted" this from my other blog,in an effort to keep similar threads together.)

You have your naked block ready for embellishment;WHERE do you start?Is there a designated theme or colour scheme____?It's time to see what is lurking in your stash and how/where to use it.BRAID: One of my friends has a cute trick of embroidering over the braid and adding French knot flowers and lazy daisy leaves to a length of braid meandering over a seam.LACE:Cotton laces are the way to go! Old d'oyleys cut up or lace(by the metre)These can easily be changed from stark white and ecru to "aged"with tea,coffee or Parisian essence.I tend to use Ozecraft dyes,and my microwave to change colour and silk ribbon to match.Small sections of curved lace can be turned into fan motifs.EMBROIDERY:All sorts of threads and stitches are available.If you're a newbie to embroidery(hand),check out SharonB's "inaminuteago" blog for a comprehensive "how to"Threads? You'll probably start off with your stranded cotton,silk or rayon threads by DMC Madeira etc.There are also some great crochet threads in perle in both plain and variegated shades.Cascade make gorgeous silk threads and Edmar's rayon(Brazilian) threads have five or 6 various weights and umpteen colour variations.(The Edmar can be a wee bit tricky initially,but well worth the effort to master their trickiness)MOTIFS:...lace.Charms,beads,Buttons........MoP;vintage buttons,cute buttons! Singly, or in groups(button and bead trails) Broken'll see that your embellishing is limited only by your imagination.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Half of the seam treatment I'm doing on the seam between the lavender and green patches,which ,by the way are on the left hand side of the block and in a vertical position!

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Scanned from "Encyclopaedia of Ribbon Embroidery Borders"by Deanna Hall West,some ideas for those of you ready for SRE on your CQ

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Day Two

Last night saw the lavender braid sewed into position and a start made on the next seam treatment.
I'll post a pic,shortly,of what I'm adding on the seam on the left.As I generally "free-style" the resulting treatment does not always line up too well with the original plan.

I've also attempted to send invitation emails to some of the RRers from Craft forum so that this blog can be used by all participants:Unfortunately, and I disagree over the correct format for entering email addies,so please bear with me as I stumble through the maze!

Thursday, April 21, 2005


The embellishing commences

After corresponding with Trish,I've decided to use this naked block as an ongoing demonstration for the "Beginners 101" in the Round Robin which posts out May 15.

You can see that there are 9 patches and 8 seams (if I've counted correctly!)
Initially,I've pinned in position a length of lavendar braid(which I'll sew into postion later);
I'll "play" with other pieces of lace,etc and then decide whether to use embroidery on all the seams,or lace,etc.
As this block is part of a "Rainbow Garden"theme,I need to stay with floral ideas---wheelbarrow charms, garden tools,a hand holding a spray of flowers----

Watch this space!

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