Thursday, March 30, 2006


healing heart

Here is the finished heart for Jan and Mik. Will post to you soon Maureen.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Hearts for Jan


If I had a brain,I'd be dangerous!
Posted to KenmaursCorner what I should have posted here.

an addendum: I don't know WHY it happens,but you need to click on title/heading for the Link to work :-(

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Four inch heart template

Four inch heart template, originally uploaded by curli.

I'm not sure how this will size through Flickr to the Blog.
The heart template includes seam allowance slightly more than 1/4 inch.
The 6.5 inch square also has seam allowance of 1/4 inch.


Hearts for Jan


I think I've got it figured!
This is what I'd like you to do,if you can help with a"heart for Jan"!

As I'd like to stick to a (finished) six inch square,here's my thoughts on what is required:
If you can do a FOUR INCH heart in whatever style(CQ,embroidered,beaded)and in the case of a CQed heart applique it on the six and
half inch square,with
preferably a white on white background fabric.
I will put them together as a lap quilt/wall hanging and send to Jan.
(With her husband requiring lots of hospital treatment I dont know
that she'll have time to stitch much.)

If some of you would like to include a six inch CQ square I thought
those could be placed between the hearts as further
interest.....just an idea!

Send the heart blocks to me,and I'll get some trusty pixies to help join them together.Include with the blocks
a short note and email addie and I'll put them
together in a small booklet to include with the hearts and so let Jan
and Mik know who/where is thinking of them.

I hope I've covered everything.
Please email me for an address to send them to.

Oh! I guess I'd better scan a four inch heart template too!That will be my NEXT posting.

Thankyou all....

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Gorgeous fabric postcard from Maureen to Belle



Hearts for Jan


Those of you who are members of the Craft Club will know which Jan I'm referring to.
As you know she and her family are having a rough time at the moment,not only with Mik's health,but also the after effects of Cyclone Larry.
Another group I periodically mention(ChainsofHearts) is making healing hearts for Jan and Mik.
What we're doing is a heart: CQed,embroidered,whatever,on a six and a half inch block,so that the blocks can be made into a lap quilt or a wall hanging.

If you'd like to make a heart on a block or a CQed block 6.5 inch square and send them to me for piecing together,please let me know.
I think if you could also include a note saying who you are and where you live,that makes it even more personal.
I'm hoping my online friends can help brighten the day for a family who's really having things tough at this time

Sari yarn

I have just purchased another four skeins of Sari yarn(Nepalese re-cycled sari yarn) for embroidery. A total of 20 metres for $5;and a skein of knitting yarn (100gms for $7.50)
so in a couple of days I'll be playing again!
I've asked Elaine (see previous post referring to HIGHLAND-COTTAGE-CRAFT) if she can obtain embroidery skeins longer than 2 metres per hank.........I'll post again if she can. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Naked heart

Until I piece a heart for Julia,which I think will be in tones of dusty pinks/burgandy,this is the only naked heart I have ready to embellish.

I really must go and tackle my March Journal Art quilt and complete it.
Commenced for the February quilt it landed in the "too hard" basket and was replaced with a more simplistic design as a stress reliever.

When "March" is completed,I will share it with you,as it's loosely a crazy quilt..........I had to be crazy to attempt it! Posted by Picasa

A heart for NZ Jo


I'm learning how difficult it is to photograph glitzy fabrics(must go re-read some notes I think)

This heart is done for the ChainsofHearts Yahoo group and is for Jo.
The central patch is a trash-bag "lace" made using Solvy.Silk ribbon flowers and a couple of BDE flowers meander over the blocks. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Tobacco pouch happy dance

Originally uploaded by Jo in NZ.
Here is a piccie of the completed tobacco pouch. It has turned out really well. I will let you know how it was received by the giftee. She has threatend to give away the habit, so it may become a make-up pouch yet....yeah right!
You can see more piccies at my other blog.

Welcome M3. It's about time you joined the land of bloggers!. What you working on?

Jade lady

Jade lady, originally uploaded by curli.

Another lady completed


Attaching faces to blocks


A visitor to CQCrazy was asking how I'd attached the face to the heart below;
Prior to curing the mold (Sculpey polymer clay) I used a darning needle and made holes in the mold(nothing high tech).
Then after firing/baking and painting(Lumiere pearlescent paints) I used beading thread and stitched face in position

Monday, March 13, 2006




To alfredmarshmallow!OMG!
Everyone, "alf" is another Maureen,who is one of the original trio of CanBra witches.
A delightful lady with a wicked SoH and brilliant with a needle .I won't add anymore---she may put a spell on me!
Emmthree and I (aka Emmtoo) first met via the yahoo group of SouthernCrossCrazies some 5 or 6 years back;we're both also members of ChainsofHearts

and probably if you do a search on Flickr for ChainofHearts ,or the tag CoH,you'll find examples of our various swapped hearts.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Chain of hearts

This is for Sandie!
Chains of Hearts is a (Yahoo) CQ group I joined back in 2003 (I think)
it was formed as:
An Australasian based group to allow Australasian crazy patch workers (embellished quilters) to make and swap small embellished hearts with needleworkers around the world.

........a forum to meet and talk with others from around the world in the interests of sharing,caring,peace and world understanding

Sandie has already made and mailed her heart to me;as usual,I'm running behind schedule. Posted by Picasa

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