Thursday, April 28, 2005


Embellishing.......and the back of the work.

Hope raised a point in "Comments" that I replied to privately;I've since realised that I should have blogged my reply:
She asked whether,when embellishing a block,it was alright to stitch through the backing/foundation fabric---------
First up,I'd have to say that most people do just that!
Yes,it generally looks messy on the back in comparison with "normal embroidery",but as most of us aren't considering entering into serious competition or judging of our work I don't think it matters greatly.
With some patches it is easy to keep stitching between the two layers(fancy surface and foundation)Others are not so easy.
Depending on HOW you are going to use the completed block also affects the treatment of the back (of the foundation fabric)
e.g. If you're planning on a bag,a cushion or even a wall hanging/quilt,you're likely to be adding a lining of some sort later in the construction.

Just make certain you FIRMLY anchor the beginning and ending of threads,as some have a mind of their own(Edmar rayon for example) and these,you do need to anchor securely
to prevent fraying and unravelling due to their "Z" twist.
Above all,remember that CQ is to be enjoyed
Try making your own stitches up..........if the effect is satisfactory and pleasing to you.Leave it as it is.
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