Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Three seam treatments on the block.
Silk ribbon flower in 7mm ribbon(Ribbon dyes with Ozecraft dyes)
Buds in 4mm ribbon in Edwardian red and dusky pink using ribbon stitch.
The berriesin purple,light lavendar and deep lavender, were done in Colonial stitch with blue beads for extra texture.
Carrying on from the lavender braid are chainstitched half-wheels in Marlitt lavender with deeper purple straight stitched spokes;
Down on the floral print are alternate sized blanket stitching in forest green silk (Ozecraft dyes yet again)to which "leaves" and beaded flowers have been added.

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Looks beautiful Maureen - very impressed especially with the ribbon embroidery which I didn't think I would like but this is lovely and delicate.
Maureen, The Marlitt lavender thread you used for the chain stitching, is that the type of thread..Brand name I mean?

I have been seriously considering making myself a stitch and thread sampler just so I can have some reference as to how a variety of threads perform and how they look when stitched up.

In addition, when you are stitching the embellishments, do you stitch through the foundation piece of fabric, or do you tend to stitch mainly through the top pieced block? Does it matter??
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