Monday, April 25, 2005


Logbook for RR

Basically all that is needed is a small notebook of 10-12 pages maximum.
DON'T make them too fussy or heavy,because that will add to the postage rates and we do have a couple of offshore participants!!
(You can always add a fancy cover "later")

First up,it's a good idea to list the names,postal addresses,and email addies of those participating as it saves having to go looking for info when it's time to forward the RR tothe next person.

Next: It's YOUR piece,so,tell us how you plan to use it;
What are your likes,dislikes, regarding colour and type of embellishment.
One lady I know HATES owls;
I love cats!(cat buttons,charms generally appear somewhere on my blocks)
If you don't like big buttons or "CLUNKY" bead or button trails,say so!

Then it's up to each RR'er to add what she added to the block;
e.g:" On the purple/green seam I stitched a Cretan stitch in orange cascade silk"
(NO,I wouldn't normally do anything like that)
The person could also add a comment like:"I don't normally work with these colours so it's been a challenge to my comfort zone............"
Whatever YOU think is relevent!
If you go to somewhere there in the last 2 weeks I added a copy of a page from one of my Logbooks,with the relevent block.
I hope this helps you Jacqui,and others!
Thanks Maureen :)

that was very helpful - it is the scale of the log that I was most puzzled about - now I have a guide I wont be sending you all my life story (you'll be glad to hear).

I think I will probably include a description of / photo of the type of project I intend to make with the finished CQ block and a list of the things I like, then the rest is up to you all - go on surprise me!
My pleasure,Jacqui!
Feel free to ask..and if I don't know I'll find someone/somewhere who does!
(Just don't ask too many questions about computers VBG)
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