Thursday, April 28, 2005

Three more seams embellished on the Rainbow Garden block

Posted by Hello

As you can see from the scan,three more seam embellishments have been added:
Below the floral vine,and again using Marlitt rayon in Salmon and Sky I've stitched two rows of lazy daisies to form a row of Butterflies.

The next seam up,using a Forest green dyed silk thread I used a combination of 2 short one long blanket stitch.To the 'long' blanket stitch I added small lazy daisy leaves and a ble bead "flower'.
Finally,coming down from the blanket stitched flowers I've used a "Maiden-hair stitch" and added French knot pink blossoms.Not botanically correct,but!!
This is looking really good now, keep up the good work Maureen.
Yes it is looking lovely and my don't you stitch neatly?
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