Monday, September 04, 2006


It's on its way!


LynB's blocks are on their way across the Pacific.
As the website of the Craft Forum is in major disarray,thanks to a mischievious,malignant soul,I'll leave messages here for the CQRR06 members and hope the members think to check in here for updates.

I'm in a bit of a lull at the moment ,when it comes to Crazy quilting:

Postcards completed for a "carnival" swap.

I have committments to (behind schedule) art journal quilts,but I did use the carnival theme for one quilt.
I need to make more craftie "thingies" for grand-daughter's school fete;
a 'few' ATCs
Not to mention a large house yard that needs "house keeping" and a humongous heap of windows that are so yukky that birds no longer crash into them.
Anyone know of a spare genie or three available for hire at dirt cheap rates??
If you find any of those genies Maureen, Pulease be sure to send at least one of them my way-the birds stopped divebombing OUR windows long,long ago. LOL
Boy that rain we've had was sure good, but the weeds are growing like billyo and we seem to get a new plague of groundfleas each time. Real hard to get rid of too.We really needed an icy cold Winter with plenty of frosts to clean up some of the bugs, but that didn't happen this year.Did get out in the garden yesterday though and planted out some tree dahlia cuttings. Also put some rooted grape cuttings I planted last year into individual pots until I have permanent spots ready for them. Made a headstart on sowing some vege seeds as well.
Have stitched a beaded flutterby on one of Diane's blocks and am still contemplating what to put on the other.
Will maybe have them ready to mail off in the next day or two as I'm expecting more from Jacqui very soon.
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