Thursday, September 14, 2006


Hope's fairy garden

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Sometimes even fairies get tired of playing only with flowers,and like a bead and button trail for a change!

Using doll buttons and seed as well as delica beads(to keep to the small scale required )I added the bead and button trail just above the spider's web.

There's still room for someone else to grow a vine or something similar,above and around the trail .

Time now to update the Logbook for Hope and leave the parcel with the postal pixies to get it to BeckY Posted by Picasa
Hi Maureen, I did respond to your email but not sure if you got my reply, I often have problems with bigpond email addresses, anyway, the gist was how much I liked your work on this blokc and that I am getting back into being enthusiastic about cq after a short diversion into knitting. I don't think that diversion is by any means over *rolls eyes* but I need to learn how to manage all my interests better (don't we all!) I do hope the buddists are right about reincarnation, it's the only way I'll ever get time to do all this crafting :o) Things will be moving with the cq blocks tomorrow as I will post Pinups on to Helen then, all wrapped up and ready to go :o)
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