Thursday, September 28, 2006


A bit of tweaking...


I took the liberty of tweaking the editing of Jacqui's pic of pinup's 'other' block and lightened it a little.(Hope you don't mind J!!)
I LOVE the dragonfly button!
I'll also try (sometime in next day or so) to upload pics in sequence,so we can see how the blocks are progressing.

Just a warning though..........don't hold your collective breath as things are a bit chaotic "here" at home base.
I'm running around like a chook with it's head cut off!

(Translation for non-Aussies: substitute 'hen' or 'chicken' for 'chook' :-) Posted by Picasa
Thanks Mo! Should have done that myself but ... didn't! Doh! looks much better, just hope it travels well too.
didn't tread on my toes at all, not in the slightest, just happy you care enough to 'enlighten' me :o)

Skinny cat is turning up his bag of bones nose at the special kidney diet *sigh* but I am sticking to my guns and refusing to give him the same as the others. Of course they both want what he is having so you can imagine the fun and games in the kitchen as I try to lock one or other of them in or out!

Vet said it was a minor miracle he's still here though so i will permit a little shilliy shallying in deference to his age and powers of recooperation :o)

Thanks for asking

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