Saturday, October 01, 2005


Miss_nance's blcock

Miss_Nance's block ready to head hometo Gail!

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Wouldn't you know?
This is the one time I haven't kept a scan of the Logbook accompanying the block in question to refresh my memory,so if I miss anything,please let me know Gail!
First up,I thought that the bead trail over the red patch looked a little bare for an evening bag,so ,using Shiraz coloured silk ribbon(dyed with Ozecraft dyes) I added some roses,both the spider web styled and the loose straight stitched full blown blossoms,that are held down with a seed pearl bead in the centre.
Above that in the black patch were added some "Japanese violets" in Edmar rayon thread.....I seem to remember a count of 35 wraps to each bullion stitch Jacqui :-)
Sliding down to the second black patch,you'll see a bright red "thingie"! This did not photograph at all well,but what it is,is a couple of red acrylic flowers with red seed beads acting as foliage around the flowers.(This was added to add yet more of the glitter that Gail asked for!
The seam below is a loopy lavender braid,and below that,on the blue patch is a(shiny)cut glass blue bead,some pearl hearts and some iridescent bugle beads;I'm not sure whether I added the gold feather stitch below that?Then there's a butterfly sitting on the gold stitching!
Finally,we had a web and no spider!So my spider went walkabout and ended up dangling as he tried to reach Kellie's wreath!
I felt more than a little greedy adding so much to the block,but I didn't want Gail to feel that she still had a lot of patches left to work on.
As I said in my note,if there's too much there,do the Frogstitch dance,Gail!
Maureen, would you mind talking us through what you added and which threads you used. I think this block has turned out beautifully :)
Maureen, the web oes ave a spider. Hiding cunningly and in profile. But I am sure it is happt to have company :) All looks and sound beautiful. Love all the sre stuff - still haven't got anywhere near that yet. Need more practice - I know! We'll have to do it again!
I KNEW I need new glasses!
Sorry Jacqui!
It's okay - it was Belle's web (and spider) :) By the way, glad you could work out what I was trying to say - my typing was way out - must be me who needs those glasses!
If you looked closely at my web you would have seen a couple of strands were broken and waving around loosely, Mrs Spider was off to fix them :)

I wasn't happy with the thread I used, but had no option at the time, I would have liked to have used a rayon thread, the cotton doesn't stand out very much.....but, she was still there :)
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