Saturday, October 29, 2005


Closer view of my work on Mary's block

Closer view of my work on Mary's block
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Two 12 year old girls (more to follow?) are sending cq blocks around the world for a group of internet cq friends of their mums' to embroider and embellish. Hopeing to plant seeds for future crafters in the next generation :) Mairead tells me that purple and orange are opposit each other on the colour wheel (?) so that's why I chose these threads. The block is very floral so this seemed appropriate and Mary has decorated her log book with a butterfly so there are plenty of butterflies to keep it company here. I am having a shisha moment so I started with these little pieces of 'mirror' (actually cut from an old CD- thanks SharonB) and the rest 'grew' from there. Hope everyone likes it :-) Maureen and Belle were a hard act to follow!

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