Wednesday, October 12, 2005


The RR is drawing closer to completion


The current Rr consisting of two groups the so-called Newbies and those designated as being adventurous.I think it would have been less stressful as TeamA and team B(yeah! Not very original I know)
The members of the "Newbies" have been enduring a stressful period with one or two members neglecting to notify them that real-LIFE was throwing up a few problems.Even in these days of instant(well almost) communication people tend to forget that the old fashioned form of letter writing still exists.....and a simple post card mailed to one member would ease the stress for all concerned.
I'm still a firm believer in simple "good manners"---a thank-you;an apology of "sorry I'm going to be a little behind schedule" or even "hey! your blocks arrived safely" is all that is needed!
So endeth my sermon!!
On a more cheerful note: A visit to SharonB's inaminuteago is more than ever worth while to those of us hooked on CQ.

Today's discourse is what I believe she based her workshop at The CQ Canberra Retreat on last year.
I never did manage to write clear notes on what she said,so I'll surely be printing out these pages for future reference.

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