Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Updating CQRR06


Late last month,everything fell in a heap,when it was discovered that three sets of blocks I'd mailed on in separate postings to Becky had not arrived:

These included blocks for Jo in NZ;
Hope in Queensland,
and Lynette in Victoria.
The weird thing was that Roz ' blocks(which slot in between Lyn and Jo in the round robin)
slipped through okay and should now be about due back with Helen in Australia.

Investigations at my end reveal that unless I pay for Registered mail as well as First class Airmail there is no way the postal system can track the mail in question.....and then it's only a case of getting "someone" to sign that they have received it.

This is the first time in over six years of regularly posting International mail that I've had any go missing............I'm wondering if I should reduce the amount of information I include on the Customs Declaration for starters................
apart from withdrawing from international swaps,has anyone any suggestions ?
What do you write on the docket Maureen?
I usually put 'fabric, beads, charms'.
Maybe we could come up with some secret RR code like 'A whole lotta stuff you wouldn't know what to do with!'

And a new comment restrictions too....
LOL...We might start a whole different kind of revolution Jo...
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