Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Hearts for Jan


Those of you who are members of the Craft Club will know which Jan I'm referring to.
As you know she and her family are having a rough time at the moment,not only with Mik's health,but also the after effects of Cyclone Larry.
Another group I periodically mention(ChainsofHearts) is making healing hearts for Jan and Mik.
What we're doing is a heart: CQed,embroidered,whatever,on a six and a half inch block,so that the blocks can be made into a lap quilt or a wall hanging.

If you'd like to make a heart on a block or a CQed block 6.5 inch square and send them to me for piecing together,please let me know.
I think if you could also include a note saying who you are and where you live,that makes it even more personal.
I'm hoping my online friends can help brighten the day for a family who's really having things tough at this time
How soon do you want it Mauz?
I missed this on CoH Maureen?! Only read about the dog lady and the bear blocks. I will do something for you.
Count me in too Maureen... I was only thinking about Jan this morning and what i could possible do for her...Is there a cut off date????

i would like to make a heart ofr Jan as well if it is not too late. I am not really a cq'er so mine will be quite plain by comparison.

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