Monday, October 16, 2006


Updating CQRR06

With a slight confusion resulting from some people getting two blocks to work on at the same time,I feel it's time to remind people of the order in which the blocks are meant to travel!
7.. Ros/Rozhearts
8..Jo in NZ
12.. Maureen/luvs2cq

As you can see,it's a "post down the list",with #12 (me) mailing to #1 (Becky).

So Joma,as you have received Helen's and Sharon's blocks,I hope you're working on Helen's FIRST!
And that you mail Helen's block(s) before (you mail)Sharon's.

Jo.. as we're giving Evie a bit of breathing space, how about you mailing Jammie's block(s) to Margaret/dreamer?
email me if you want her home postal addie.

Sharon how many blocks are you swamped guesstimate says THREE!
If that's the case,do you want/need a break?

Oh dear .this is getting confusing!
PLEASE everyone EMAIL or PM me with your status,so I can endeavour to sort out the tangle.

I have replied on the forum Maureen... I have felt a little swamped however I am starting to feel a little better (I say this with caution!!!!) so I hope to get myself into the swing of things sooner rather than later...
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