Monday, October 02, 2006


Becky's block...

More dragonflies... I have finally completed my part of Becky's block... I have stitched and unpulled more times than I care to admit to - no matter what I did nothing seemed to work. I had stitched the multicolored wave of blanket stitch first then I added the french knots to add some interest and texture. I had found the gold charm at a lovely embroidery shop and the matching beads were in my collection but for some reason I couldn't move passed that point and I tried quite a few things which just 'didn't fit' and then on Saturday I wandered into a scrapbooking store and there they were... As I looked at these little dragonfly paperclips Becky's block came to mind... Bingo!!!! Here was my answer... Becky I hope you like this addition to your block... Tomorrow it will be winging its way to Hope on the next leg of its Australian tour...
...and don't the dragon flies look good perching on that wavy blanket stitch!
I love my block and how did you know I adore dragonflies??? I get these huge blue and red ones around my pond in late august. I watch them for hours!
Sharon, this is a lovely seam treatment. It was great wothout the dragon flys, but they are just WOW. Hope you got a few extra of those, one of my blocks has a dragon fly.....
Love those dragonglies, and all the rest of the block toos
I love the varicoloured thread that you used, and the dragonflies are just perfect.
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