Saturday, August 19, 2006


Mountmellick style for Jammies white on white

Jam-mam, just thought I'd give you a little detail about what I have just finished on your White on White. Firstly I have forgotten to take a pic :(I had decided to do some Mountmellick work, which was done in Ireland with white threads on white cloth. (I think my grandmother had something similar in her household linens, but I think hers was probably from a German embroidery tradition)AS the subject I chose a shamrock (or clover) a leaf and flower , the leaf I worked in buttonhole and the flower in bullion stitch, with stem stitch for the stalks, I used perle cotton in 8 and 12 for the embroidery as that is similar to the original threads first used for Mountmellick work. On the seam I tried out the Mountmellick stitch, which turns out similar to a buttonhole with a twist. I only worked on one of the blocks. I hope you like what I did, I try to attempt a new stitch each block I work on, to add to my repertoire.

Am disappointed that you forgot to photograph the block Hope
(maybe next in line can and will?) and am looking forward to seeing your Montmellick work .
It sounds lovely Hope :o) I have a book on Montmellick but haven't gotten around to trying any myself yet so i will view yours with great interest (oh and because I am nosey ) VBG
Maureen, I found it OK, but still think I need a bit more practice, the hardest thing was seeing the white embroidery on the white fabric (Don't have the best light for working at night). I did manage to work out the Mountmellick stitch, apparently it is the only specially developed for this type of work. Other typical stitches include, satin, buttonhole, stem, bullion etc.
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