Wednesday, August 30, 2006


How do you CQ?


I thought today,I'd pose a question and see what sort (if any) response I get!
How do you CQ?

Do you use predominantly :
a) cotton fabrics
b) "after five" type fabrics
c) a mixture of both

And as for style:
Do you rely on your choice of fabrics for WOW factor,
or are seam treatments, embellishments and/or encrusting your 'thing'?

Do you prefer to stitch your embellishments with machine embroidery,or handwork?

I'm asking,because I know how my 'style' has evolved over the years,and I'm wondering how much yours has changed.
I don't mean an improvement in stitching/embroidery,but whether your overall approach to the type of CQ has changed as you've become more involved with the obsession.

Please leave a comment....I'd love to read your thoughts on the matter
How do I CQ??
I mostly use cottons, but I check the 'end of line' silk dupion everytime I visit spotlight, and more of that is creeping in. I did handpiece all my blocks, but I am starting to use the machine more for that. Because I like to make functional, useable pieces, I feel that the machine gives a more stable block.

And as for style:
I like to keep my fabrics fairly neutral in colour, and rely on seam treatments and embellishment for interest. Although I would one day like to make a CQ that is all patterned fabrics and NO embellishment. I like the look of a crazy pieced quilt.
I am experimenting more with colour, but would say that most pieces that are 'me' are done in several shades of one colour, and embellished in complimentry colours

Do you prefer to stitch your embellishments with machine embroidery,or handwork?
I am definately a handwork girl. My sewing machine complains about doing a straight line, let alone anything else, but I just prefer to sit and stitch.

I have been CQ for about a year now. I think that my style is still evolving, and mostly at the moment it is just improvment and learning how to use a needle and thread, and other embellishments. I don't think I am quite at the encrusting stage, though I do enjoy that style. I am thouroghly enjoying the series of bags I am working on. Simple seam treatments, and some kind of motif embroidered for that something special. I love to add SRE to any piece. Buttons, beads, brooches.

My enjoyment of CQ stems mostly from the design freedom that it provides. There are no charts, thread lists etc. I can just sit and do what the mood dictates. As to CQ related to blogging. I would not be nearly as advanced, or adventurous without the online community and the inspiration and support I have found.

Thanks for the opportunity to self review Maureen. Very thought provoking, I will probably be back with something more to say tomorrow!!

I usually use "after five" type fabrics unless I find a perfect cotton to include. I have nothing against cottons, my problem is that I keep my cotton stash on shelves behind a curtain, and my "After five" fabrics are in bins where I can get to them easier.

I rely on encrusting, and usually a printed image to set the "style".

Definately hand work. I do not care for working with a machine.
By the way....I found your blog through "Quilter's Home" magazine. I just picked it up the other day and had a chance to read a bit. I also found my friend Allie Aller's blog reference in there. Good for you ladies!
I use a mix of both cotton and after five, but I must admit a preference to cotton. Probably becuase I have lots!

I use one peice of fabric or a print as the starting point and tone and contrast everything to that.

I peice everything by machine - much faster (for me anyway) but love to hand embroider seams etc. The seams are becoming more embellished and I love doing clusters of flowers etc, but still getting my head and my needle around button clusters. Never seem to have the right button for the job. Beads are definately my thing Love them and add them heaps.

I have changed enormously since my first early days of cqing - which I think was a mere two years ago when I started. More embellishing now and way more experimenting than I ever did before. Blogs like this one are great for getting my creative juices flowing.

Hope this helps.
You know you've got it bad when seeinh a spider on the wal send you into a panic ... that it will crawl away before you've had a chance to memorise it's image and visualise how you can render it in thread capturing it's intricacy!

I machine piece, posh fabrics, hand stitch, more motifs and encrustation less seam treatments as I go on, getting into crossing patches LOL.

Love the 'no rules' territory and exploring new techniques, love blogs that let me see what was under my nose but I had missed e.g. Jacobean work in silk threads instead of wool.

Thanks Maureen XXXXX
Maureen can you edit that gobbledygook? Can't type before 8am without significant coffee intact, must need another cup!
Sorry Jacqui..........I don't know how to :-(
I'm off to bed!
Love C.Q.ecausee its easy, no rules and a piece just "happens" i machine piece using mostly after five stuff, but also include cottons and home made material sometimes. My embellishmeent is mostly simple stitches,button trails or bead clusters. I am trying to improve on my stitching, have been for thelast 3 years. (I'm a slow learner haha ) I enjoy reading Blogs for inspiration.
Great question......I try to rely on the overall balance of the piece...the textures of the stitching and fabrics, the values of the colors,the composition of the colors and shapes, and whether i have successfully evoked the mood i was after.

I love seam treatments and always gave them preference but have become more adept at transferring images to fabric and doing some of my own drawing so i am beginning to work on adding motifs as a major part of the visual impact.

I usually piece by hand because i like the control and i like curves. Sometimes it is totally spontaneous, pick up a piece of fabric, slap it on the foundation, pickup another find a place for it, stitch it in place etc etc. However, I am now working on a piece for which i want to plan the size and shapes of the patches and make templates for them. That way I can audition fabrics for the patches on the foundation as it hangs on the design wall.(another way of saying empty space on the dining room wall...gggg)

I don;t think i do encrusted so much as full...i want the piece to be full of sttiching, full of ideas..full of expression...what i would love is that when someone looks at a piece i have done, they walk away with an emotional resonance, more than an admirattion for it;s technical excellence or an intellectual appreciation of the work etc etc.(not that those are small things, but the resonance between viewer and creator, the ideas , the emotions, that flow from me to the piece, and from the piece to the viewer is what is important for me.

Hope this makes sense and wasn;t too long.

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