Sunday, July 09, 2006


NOT the good scissors!


Jo must have been trying to stir me with the query about using her dressmaking scissors for cutting up CDs for Shishas!

Talk about sacrilege!

Go wash your mouth out ,girl!

What you do,is con your half handy-man into attacking old CDs with a (cutting) die....or metal punch.
Of course you make certain he/she is wearing safety glasses first...just in case!

Then I remembered an earlier post where I said:
But one DS did a wonderfully neat job with a hole saw on CDs
Being a technical man AND a neat freak he did a marvellous job and I ended up with 12 and 19 mm discs to play with.

You can manage with old (but sharp) scissors: Mark out circles with a permanent felt pen or similar then 'hack ' your way around the markings.

This method can be a bit "hard" on your thumb knuckle,I found,
so I prefer to con my son into using his tools!

Not exactly perfect,but as you add a frame of stitches to hold the mirror in position,the rough edges don't show up in your work.

Then again,Lincraft have the mirrors with their Rajmahal products,for a fairly reasonable price these days.

OR a substitute would be to use those LARGE gold sequins.
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