Monday, July 03, 2006


J's block...

I have nearly completed jam_mam's block... I must admit it was harder than I thought it would be - trying to create interest visually with 'white on white' was more of a challenge that I thought it would be. I wanted to create dandelions as a symbol of both time and distance that I felt that the block represented for me... I wanted to create the feeling of movement with in the block - the dandelion, the butterfly and the seam treatment... After consulting many pictures of dandelions and in desperation going and finding growing in the garden I have come somewhere close I hope... I wanted to try convey both the structure and texture of the head of the dandelion. The butterfly was pure inspiration - made from cutting into a piece of lace and using the the pattern within its structure to create both the wings and body. I still have to tweak the block a little more but after some delays will be in the post towards the end of the week... Sorry to everyone that I have yet again fallen behind... Becky's block has arrived and I have been considering what I shall create for it...

Ooooh Sharon, I LOVE it! Thank you so much. DD2 loves dandelions clocks and we have to stop and blow them every time we pass one. This corner of my cq will remind me of her at this age and of you :o)
This block petrifies me Jammie!!. It's white, and I have preschoolers. No animals, no smoking , no red wine, but I do have preschoolers. They have never touched anything much ,yet....
J'adore le crazy blanc sur blanc. J'ai vraiment hâte de voir l'ouvrage terminé.
A bientôt
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