Monday, July 03, 2006


Jellyfish for Hope

Hope asked how I did the Jellyfish. I picked a button first. Buttons are slightly rounded (usually), so the flatter the button the better, or one of those lovely MOP discs would be perfect, and you could pick a gorgeous colour. I used the shisha stitch to attach it, at this piont I will link to Annies Crazy World, who has just done a great tut on this. The stitch that goes around the shisha is basically just buttonhole. When I have done rounded ones before, that I felt neede a bit more security, I keep adding rows of detached buttonhole to the previous row, until I'm sure that the button/disc/whatever won't fall out.
Here is a piccie of a 'cats eye' that I did. I finished it off on the top and bottom with chain stitch. Once it's attached, you can pretty much dress it up any way you like. I didn't do anything fancy with the jelly fish, just straight buttonhole.

Right, when you've done that, I stitched the tentacles, which is just a staight stitch, with beads added for a bit of extra sparkle.
The smaller one is three bullion wraps in the centre and chain stitch around the outside.
Bet that's as clear as mud. If you need more guidance, I'll do my best.

Thanks for that Jo, I could make sense of your instructions so I will have to make the effort and try it. I have some shisha thread and mirrors but as yet haven't tried to stitch anything, this may be a good starting point.
you can also use Brazilian embroidery for sea critters!
I'll try to find time tomorrow to upload some "how to's"

Shishas are a fun thing to do,and you can make 'mirrors' out of old CDs if you want.
For Hope.........if you come up caboolture way,"Crystal Connections" in King Street sell 'Bollywood" silver embroidery framed Shishas for "cheap as chips"
Oh they do have a web site,and NO I dont get commission
Maureen, how do you do the mirrors with CD's?? Can you just cut them with your best sewing scissors?...This idea has great potential.
Maureen, I can see I am going to have to save my pennies and "come up Caboolture Way" to have a look at a couple of the places you have recommended. SOme of the girls might be interested for dance costumes as well.
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