Friday, July 21, 2006


Dreamer's cq

hi all :)

I have finished my work on dreamer's cq. I added a large blackwork butterfly but don't worry it isn't black! Dreamer's block is so femine and delicate I decided that black would be too overpowering so I used my new rajmahal silk in pink and purple - i am pleased with how it turned out but can't find the digi camera (kids!) and the scanner is bust due to having eaten a wax crayon (kids!) so I am delaying posting until after the afore mentioned kids return from school as I really want a piccie before I post this off.

just wanted to let you know I am still here as I have been a bit quiet lately - most unlike me! :o)

I would welcome some advice on working with rajmahal Maureen, also how do you store them and get them off the skein successfully? They are so lovely but a tad slippery ;o)
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