Friday, June 30, 2006


Something to ponder ........

Just something else for you all to mull over!

I was on the phone to Australian Customs last week,in order to clarify what could have become a problem when some of our Round Robin blocks commenced the overseas leg
of their "back-packing" through Australia ,New Zealand,USA and UK before heading home back to Oz.
The block that sparked my concern had a beautiful little (wild-bird )feather on it,and knowing what treatment other swaps in other forums had experienced because of natural embellishments (i.e. straw,corn leaves,corn husks) I thought I'd better do a double check.

I've checked with Australian Customs:
It will leave Australia safely,but...
Customs in other countries will NOT be happy!
it won't be allowed back into Oz with the feather in position

Of course,you could just NOT DECLARE the feather and take a risk of having the block confiscated or even mutilated.

So my advice to all and sundry:
Be law abiding!
These days,with Bird Flu viruslooming as a threat
we need to be more vigilant

If you particularly want to include a feather or something Customs may not like,why not take a photo of that embellishment in the position you fancy,and email that pic to the owner of the block (and if you're in the same country) mail it to the block's owner for her to add at her leisure.

So, please give your embellishments a little more thought..just in case!!
(end of sermon..back to stitching!)
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