Sunday, June 04, 2006


H's block Mk2...

After an overnight pause and then viewing the block via the scanned image I decided that it needed some 'tweaking'... Firstly, I felt that the first wing 'disappeared' when compared to the second larger wing and because of the stitching lines the stitched wing made the crown also disappear - the eye followed all the lines and saw them all as the same if you can follow my drift... So to remedy both 'problems' I created another tulle wing-only smaller- the same as the larger one... I then double threaded the crown to give it more definenition... I also added some french knots in the variegated thread on the stomach to give eye interest and a 'challenge' ... I felt that the area behind the seahorse was a little empty and that the bubbles were just 'floating' without 'an anchor'... I added a single thread feather stitch seaweed trail to bring that portion of the block together... I am still unsure whether to add another starfish to the top of the block so that the eye is 'caught' on the colour and 'observes' and moves around the block rather than just gliding down the seaweed to the seahorse...

I made the choice not to add a seam treatment as I didn't want to separate the seahorse section from the rest of the block... I felt that if any of the other stitchers involved wanted to continue on with the scene then it would give some sort of continuation... Perhaps even roaming over the seam line would keep it all together - but of course it is up to each individual to make their own choices and stitch their bits... I only hope that the rest of the stitchers have as much fun as I have had... :-))) And of course I hope Helen likes it!!!!!!
That is really beautiful!
Those colours work so well together.
I really love it Sharon. You've done a wonderful job. I loved it even at the bubble stage. Can't wait to 'sea' it back home.
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