Sunday, June 04, 2006


Helen's block...

Helen - here is your underwater block... I hope you like its new resident... I had lots of fun doing this and I would like to explore this theme on a big piece featuring this little fellow... I guess this is not quite crazy quilting more like textile art so I do hope that you are happy with it and like my interpretation of your theme... It decided that it would span two parts of the block - just moved right on in so to speak... LOL the fabric I made the seahorse out of was material I bought to make a shirt with about 20 years ago - I am so glad that I finally found a use for it...

Hope- This will be in the mail tomorrow by express post... I apologise for the time delay...

Now for a completely different theme - Jam_mam's 'white on white'...
Sharon,I queried on your blog what threads you used,then I zoomed in and saw the difference!
What is CQ, if not textile art in a form that pleases the stitcher!
Remember the Golden Rule...there are NO rules!
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