Monday, June 26, 2006


Geminista's Block

I chose to do the "Natural" block of Helen's. AS she is trying to get a variety of "natural" objects and threads this was a perfect chance to get some of the new DMC linen threads. I also had few of the colour range that Helen was hoping for. I used the colours of the fabrics in the block to choose the colours for the threads that I bought and then chose from those to make a small spray of Australian Natives. I embroidered a Flannel FLower in Perle cotton, used single linen for the stems and embroidery cotton for the wattle buds, embroidery cotton (Presencia Brand made in Spain) for the French knots to make a bottlebrush and Then used cup stitch to make a 3D gum blossom and embroidered a small flat one beside it also in perle and embroidery cottons.

Yesterday out in the garden I managed to find a feather to use on the seam embellishment, I stitched a feather stitch in linen (single thread) used a pinky brown to make french knots at the end of each feather and couched the pink feather down with silk embroidery thread.

I know you were hoping to use beige's to browns, so I hope this pretty rose pink to pale pinkish white does not take you too far off the original intent (I could have used a green and yellow or a blue and grey feather :D ) I think it came from a galah (my neighbour and I both conferred and came to this decision)

Hope you like it, Helen.
Looks good Hope!
How where the DMC linen threads.......easy to use?
I found that they tend to drag through the fabric a bit,but then the fabrics were fairly thick as well. I will not give up on them just yet. I did use a bit of fabric for practise for this block and some of the threads, so I will have another go at some stage.
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