Wednesday, April 19, 2006


It's amazing how much you forget.......

">Link Over the years as I've indulged myself with both tradition P&Q and Crazy quilting and a marriage of both,I've picked up many "tricks of the trade" and as made clear this week have just about forgotten most of them,until "something" triggers a recall.

Case in point: a group of us are making CQed or embellished hearts for a frined who's going through a rough patch.
I suggested appliqueing the hearts to a 6.5 inch square of fabric and since then have been asked HOW to do it neatly.
Because I enjoy hand work I naturally thought of needle turn hand sewing;
Then we thought of heat fusible backing on heart and fusing to the fabric and using maybe a fly stitch to cover the edge;
Others have used a lace frill or ric-rac braid;
Then Julia mentioned about using some light weight interfacing like vilene: cut out a heartshape slighly bigger than the heart you are working with, place right side of heart to vilene and sew right around the heart just inside the stitching line, cut a small slit in the centre of the vilene and turn the heart through the slit to the right side... no raw edges..Finger roll the edges and if you like lighly press the edges, then all you have to do is stitch the hearts onto the fabric of your choice.

Slowly the rusty cogs in my brain started turning and after reading Rita's comments about using Softener/ant static sheets used in clothes driers,I started hunting for my notes on "easy applique"...............and that will come next!

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