Sunday, April 30, 2006



With twelve people joining in for this RR and remaining as one group rather than two groups of six,I hope things dont go pear shaped!

I realised last night that a 4.5 by 8.5 inch rectangle(even if it has 16 segments) is going to cramp some people's ideas,so I've amended the requirements and leave it to the individual to decide whether to add a second block or remain with the original.

The members now have the choice of:
1.. Two blocks of 4.5 x8.5 inches
2.. Two blocks of 6.5 x 6.5 inches
3.. one block of 4.5x 8.5 and one block of 6.5x 6.5

Points to remember

When making your blocks leave some of the foundation fabric around it so members can use in an embroidery hoop if they desire.

Baste a line around block marking the working area (in the case of the square block you'll baste a 6inch square)
I like to baste both the inner seam line and the one marking the 1/4 inch seam.
If you want your rectangle for a swing purse or similar, mark which is to be the TOP.
If a needlecase,mark TOP and FRONT.

Don't add buttons,beads right up to seam line as it makes for difficulty when finally assembling your block to whatever you plan for it.
If you're embellishments need to go right to seam line,perhaps you can make a note of it in the Logbook and leave extra bead or buttons in small plastic bag with extra note about them

Include a logbook of at least 12 pages.Nothing fancy! Weighty logbooks add to postage costs.
In your logbook list what you prefer and any definite dislikes(I remember one RR where a member did not like owls or spiders!)
What you plan on using your block for sometimes influences what people add as embellishment.

As we are very attached to our work,please let your partners know when you have mailed and when you have received........
Some people tend to forget this small etiquette so take this as a gentle reminder :-)
If LIFE starts getting in the way of your committment,please tell me and we'll attempt alternative arrangements.after all a trouble shared is often halved.

Above all,do ENJOY yourselves ,have fun and strengthen friendships and your skills
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