Friday, April 14, 2006


Another CQRR

Link lurking off stage!

Our first RR commenced the end of April last year (Anzac day saw the posting of the lists) and after many hiccups and detours the last block has finally arrived home to it's owner.

Hopefully this time there will be better communications between paticipants (even if it means resorting to usual the postal service to communicate.
We all know and accept that "Real Life" throws curved balls at times,but,MAKE TIME to let someone know that there are problems.

I'll try to make this as much fun as possible,so think about you want another joint masterpiece?
Let me know.
Hello all, I am a cq'er from the states and while a rr taking place mainly in Au is probably not feasible for me(or you guys to have me in i have been seeing all these hearts from the "Chain of Hearts" and i would love to participate in something like that...i love the heart shape, and all the sympbology of course.

I have been looking at all the blogs on the ring, one after another and I have to say, everything is so amazing.

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