Thursday, January 05, 2006


CQ Crazy

Crazy I have tried to put up a picture here, but after I click on the little picture and put the name in and click on browse nothing happens. HELP. thanks Margaret
Mageret, to upload a picture
1) click on the picture icon( you sound like you've got that sussed.
2) Either type in the URL OR hit the browse button to select an image stored in you computer.
4) once image is selected
- decide where you want it to appear in your post
-the size you want it to be (medium is usually good)
5) hit the UPLOAD button.

It can take quite a while to upload the image. When it's finished it will say "DONE". Hit this button and your image should appear in the post.
You can write your post while the image is uploading, the words will adjust to fit the piccie placement once the picture is visible.
Good luck!
Once you have clicked on the little picture and browse appears and you click on that you should get a window with the areas of your computer eg documents, pictures etc. Keep selecting until you get to the place your pic is, select the pic, double click and the URL will appear in the box next the word browse (in fact you won't see it all). At this stage the pic hasn't appeared. Type your message, choose the layout (tick the one you want from the choices) then go down to the bottom( you may need to scroll down as it can be off screen, then hit I think it says have a couple of choices....then you will see your pic appear.
Thanks girls, I have made a note, ready for the next try !!!!! Margaret
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