Saturday, December 31, 2005


For Mairead!

This is a scan of the stitching I've done on Mairead's block,which I think,is clearer than the photo I posted on kenmaurscorner.

Looking at the scan,I think I need to go back to the hoop and add a bit more foliage to the Norfolk Pine on the right.
I've tried to show a garden path meandering down to the lowest point of the patch and the blobs here and there are gemstone chips for rocks in the garden path
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Oh Maureen, this is very exciting :) Mairead originally didn't want to see the blocks until they came home but curiosity got the better of her and having looked at the photo Lyn posted she has spent most of the holiday sewing beads on to a denim bag. Can't wait to show her this picture too :)
How have you done the sun Mauz, this is nice, no wonder mairead 's so inspired to do her own work.
Do I spy a face?
Not as good as yours!
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