Saturday, December 03, 2005


The 'Fairy' purse

The 'Fairy' purse
Originally uploaded by Jo in NZ.
For the young, contemporary, and Barbie mad set, this is a must have item this year....
For my step daughter for Xmas. The other side is crazy pieced, but no embellishment.
Dimensions are 19cm l x 13cm h x 8cm w.

Jacqui, recipe for fairy...
1x set of car keys
1x wallet
1x spotlight store
Drive to spotlight, ensure you lock car. Wander up and down craft section. At this point you are not really sure what you are looking for. Pick up several things, continue to wander until you find the basket with the fairies in. Pick up fairy , discard everything else. Go to check out and pay. Go home and sew fairy on to the bag you prepared earlier.
Jo it's lovely :) can you talk us through how you made it? Especially the wings.
So Jacqui
You want me to visit Spotlight for you??
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