Friday, November 25, 2005


Recipe for bag!
Someone was asking for a recipe for making those denim bags.
Here'sa brief run-down.The outcome is only limited by your imagination!

Take one pair of jeans or a denim skirt----
(From experience,the smaller the size the better!)

I picked up a couple of pairs of kids size for a couple of dollars at a local op-shop.
The bag I'm doing at the moment were a men's size (LARGE) and as I didnt want a suit-case I had to cut them down.This I did on the back after removing one pocket and repositioning the other pocket in the centre....good for carrying mobile phones!
I leave the front pockets whole as they're good for all sorts of things(just watch out you dont stitch THROUGH the pockets or you cant use them.)

I cut the jeans just above the crotch but dont sew it up until you've sewn on whatever you want as decoration.
Sew up crotch;Make a lining to go in bag........I attach to the lower edge of the waistband,after I've attached straps.I also like to add a couple of pockets in the lining.

My first bag I used Timtex as a stabiliser in the base,but I wont go that way again (more time and more weight in finished bag)

Another idea is to "turn" the jeans so you have part front,part rear as one side and the same reversed for the back;This way you can end up with a Vee shape at the base of the bag

And that's about it!
Bon appetit!
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