Monday, November 14, 2005


Marking tools

On another site devoted to CQ,a discussion on marking tools came up with these hints,which in view of my recent boo-boo I'll pass on and maybe save some- one from grief.

Marking Tools:
I often use chalk, but then baste over with with some of the icky cheap sewing thread that I always seem to have around. This is a good method, particularly if you're going to handle the project a lot or not be able to finish the marked area promptly. I frequently use wool for my CQ projects, and chalk just doesn't last very long on wool. Another method is to use tissue paper for a motif. Trace or draw your pattern onto the tissue, crumple it up tightly (to weaken the paper) then flatten it back out baste or pin it to the desired area. Embroider through the tissue, pulling the stitches fairly snug, so that they are firm once you tear out the paper. I don't love this method, but sometimes it's the only thing that will work.A friend mentioned using sticky labels for marking. Cut out your shape from the sticky label, then stick it down, embroider around it, then remove. You could do the same thing with freezer paper if your fabric could take the heat. I could be cautious about leaving either of these materials stuck to the fabric for very long, particularly the sticky labels. That of course would depend on the fiber you're using. I wouldn't do it at all on velvet, for example. But then, I don't like embroidering on velvet, so there you go.Another one that I've recently tried for simple outlines is to draw the shape onto a cracker box-weight cardboard, or on a clear plastic lid like from a coffee can. Cut out the shape, and using a paper punch, make a hole in the middle of it. Pin the shape to the project through the hole. If the shape wants to move around as you embroider, cut two holes and use two pins. Beware, however, that pinning through the hole puts quite a bit of pressure on the fabric right at the hole, and it did leave a little raised round dimple on my project. A quick shot of steam cured the problem right away, though.

These gems of wisdom came from Janet of www.sewunique.comInnovative Products for Sewing, Quilting and Beading<>

Other marking tools include the purple "quick fade" felt pen,soapstone and even dried slivers of soap (dark fabrics) and tailor's chalk!
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