Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Jam-mam's block

Here's Jam_mam's block now that I've finished working on it. Jammy instructed me to "knock myself out" - so I did :) There's a few seam treatments in there, then I added the swirly number in gold braid and red beads, planted a garden for Elly's lace maiden to wander in - hope she looks out for the spider just ahead of her ! I added a wooden button with a sweet smiling face and couched some vari-coloured yarn around her with crystal, blue and green beads. I felt she looked like a serene earth mother, so she has stars above, and the green and blue of ocean and earth below. Thanks to ... I think, Pinup ??? for the inspiration.

Hope you like it all Jammy.

I'll be sending it off to Kellie this week, last stop before it comes home, you' ll have to be patient for just a little longer Jam :)


You've certainly added to the garden!
Hollyhocks,irises,spiders and even an earth mother to carry on jammie's theme from elsewhere!
Oh, Jacqui, aren't you a lucky girl.
I love the colours in the block.
Nice work Belle, especially the swirls. It IS good to see some others here!
yes, isn't it wonderful - just a shame I can't have it back NOW :) Belle has done a fantastic job - thank you so much :)
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