Thursday, November 10, 2005


Hi from a blogging newbie!!

Well, hi everyone. Maureen invited me to join this blog, and I jumped at the chance. This is all very exciting stuff for me :).
I tell you a bit about myself. My name is Jo, I'm in my early 30's, and I'm a full time mum to three (usually ) gorgeous children, aged 5, 3, and 1, and am happily 'partnered' to Rob.
I have had the desire to crazy quilt for a number of years. My mum is a quilter, and she had books on CQs, and I always found them to be visually appealing. I made some 'sane' quilts in my teens and 20's....and now, I'm finally doing some crazy quilting. I enjoy the creative freedom it gives me, and with three kids, it's reasonable easy to pick up when I've got some spare time (I don't do much housework!) and knock out a bit of piecing, or embellish a seam. I used to crosstitch, and I found I just couldn't achieve anything, I get out my work, thread a needle, do two stitches, then put it all away. So CQ is a fantastic creative outlet for me, because I'm not happy unless I'm creating something.
So that's a brief overview of me.

Maureen posted a link to my Flickr photos a few days ago, so hopefully you've had a look. I'm looking forward to sharing with
you all, and hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy yours. Also hoping to participate in a RR of some kind in the new year. Too late for the Xmas ornies for me.
The picture is of my latest bag. It's for my mum, she requested autumn colours. Its made from upholstery samples, then sewn on to a pre-made tote. This one was hard to do, all the piecing had made it really thick to sew through. I also added a pocket to the inside.
Well, thats my first blog post, a monumental occasion - I don't get out much !!- thanks for the opportunity.
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I'm so glad you came to join us Jo;we now have two members from NZ,One in the UK and a few Aussies.
You're really on a roll with your bags---I'm sure your mum will love it!
Hopefully the Christmas Ornies will start rolling in soon and we'll have more eye candy to drool over.
Hi Jo and welcome to our crazy corner of the crazy world,

don't think you are too late to join in with the christmas ornies as I have hardlty started mine VBG and what was the dealine again, oh yes Nov 25th - guess that means I should be ornieing tonight Maureen :)

How you find time with 3 little people I don't know although I did use to cross stitch when my lot were that age, life does get easier in some ways ROFL

Anyway, always a pleasure to have another CQer on board
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