Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Hand bag eye candy

I came across this exhibition of hand crafted handbags. It's mostly crocheted work, but there is a few CQ pieces, and they are all lovely to look at.
Ahh, wouldn't free form crochet be an excellent addition to CQ projects....but sadly, crochet is the one hand craft that the previous generations of women in family did not practise, and I have never even seen it done.....

I see that Linda over at also linked to this site. My, my, even the cyber world is getting smaller. Also, check out if you get a chance. Laura does some amazing things , including crazy patch, with ties!!
Maureen - you'll just have to pop over for a cuppa and I'll show you how :) couldn't be easier and grows like topsy - much quicker than knitting.
OOps - sorry Jo [blushes] thaought that post was by Maureen but just spotted it was you :) you're welcome too - do you take sugar? Vbg
Thanks Jacqui, and If I ever get back to the UK, I will take you up on the offer!!
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