Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Making the ornaments


My collection of CQ'd Christmas Ornaments varies in shape from the square to circular;hearts,bell-shapes, star, and even triangular.
There's even a cute X-stitched snowman!
First of all I'd suggest making a template in cardboard to the shape you want,then use that template to mark out the shape on your foundation fabric.(Don't forget to leave at least a half inch seam allowance marked on the foundation too)

At this point I'll also add that if you cut your template neatly out of the centre of a square of cardboard,you can use the resulting "window" to place over your block as you're piecing it to see if the end result is pleasing to the eye,without the distraction of jagged fabrics in view)

Decide on the fabrics you're using,and whether you want to add lace or braid along seam lines,and sew them into position as you add the patches.This is much easier than opening fiddly seams later to let the trim into position.
When you've stitched your block,use the template to mark the finished line on the right side and add any beads,charms,buttons or embroidery.
Just remember NOT to take bulk(beads,buttons,etc) too close to the outer seam edge as it creates difficulty in "finishing off".

NOW to complete the ornament:
If you want a "fat Ornie",
Cut a fabric backing to match the front;sew with right sides together most of way around shape;trim with nicks on curves and points so it will turn out easily,lightly stuff and sew the opening closed.

For a FLAT,stiff shape:
I like a layer of Pellon under the main fabric before laying the CQ to a similar shaped piece of stiff card.Lace the seam allowance over the card,or using spray adhesive lightly glue it to card and stitch a backing fabric to cover.

If you want you can add beading,braid,fringing,around the finished shape.

Don't forget to add a loop of ribbon,gold ric-ric,or braid at the top for a hanger!
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