Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Here's what I added to Mary's block (Joma's daughter). I perfected my frog stitch doing this, as well as wrestling with that age old question - how much is too much !

Since Mary loves cats, and the patch was quite large, I decided to do a vignette of two kitties in the garden, one an inquisitive tabby, the other a sleepy ginger, tucked away amongst the grass and flowers.

It's now been posted on to Jam_mam to work her magic.


Wow! Another stunner - I would like to see more of this image tho' and it won't enlarge for me - do you have a closer view. Again I am genuinelty blown away by the standard of your work - are you really a beginner? I will try very hard to add something suitable to Mary's block but I am at a loss as to what that could be ... [goes off to ponder deeply!]
Thankyou, pleased you like it, have been feeling nervous about displaying it. The block should be with you soon, I posted it last week, then you can examine it in person. It was all trial and error, lots of frogstitching as my first flowers were bigger than the cat!!! Although I'd drawn a picture, I think as I worked it became clearer what I wanted to achieve, and to see where it was unbalanced, and that something else was needed. An interesting...and stressful...process.
Like jacqui I was disappointed only in that I couldn't enlarge the pic to see it more closely!Maybe jacqui had better send the block back to me so I can see it all,and do a bit of frogstitching myself :-)
Now, Maureen, I am sure that WONT be neccessary ;)
Not sure if I want you to look that closely Maureen, it might not look so good, and you'll find all my mistakes vbg
There are no mistakes in CQ belle (VBG) We meant for things to be "that way"!!!
Beautiful work. BTW I left a comment to you on my blog about Sewing Katrina kits. I'm sorry it's taken me so long...I hadn't visited any post in my archives lately to see what was new. Is there a way to set my blog so that I can, in the future, see new comments to my archived posts?
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