Thursday, September 01, 2005


Beetles,bugs and all things sequinned!

Beaded/sequin Beetle......This is the beetle that started my cries for help!
I "lifted" the beetle pictured from another site,and can't remember where!
I'd like to construct something similar .

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That looks easy....but maybe you have missed the layering....looks to me like it is 'built up.' The use of seed beads and sequin will have helped.
That is a cockroach isn't it?
Yuk...even sequin can't make that critter look good!
I think it's a gorgeous cockroach, Maureen. I've seen instructions for something very similar, 'somewhere', now off to have a look. Could it have been in an Inspirations Mag? Will get back to you if I find it.
Maureen, when I am doing anything like that I would suggest that you embroider in the outline to be filled first. Then I outline the area to be filled, with the sequins, securing each with a seed bead. To fill in the remainder I would work in rows, butting each new sequin up to the seed bead securing the previous sequins. It would probably be easier to work with the flat sequins. I don't try to keep things straight and when I have filled in all the area, I often go back and see if there are any small gaps that need an extra sequin of two. In general you are covering half of the previous row.
Cockroach or not pinup,I think he's gorgeous!!
And NO I do not like cockies!!

The beetle was made by Shirlee Fassell and it is being shown at Maureen Greeson August Newsletter.

Candida in SP
Thank you,Candida for setting me right.I felt "bad" for not being able to acknowledge WHERE and WHO I "lifted" it from.
I must remember to do it "properly" next time........I had "shirley" and that was all!

I feel the same way for all the stuff I picked from the net and didn't make these notes. But I think that these wonderful ladys are probably happy to know we are all inspired by their beautiful work. Good luck with your bugs (shivers!)!
Candida in SP
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