Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Trying to answer Belle's query


Belle,I tried earlier to post a comment re adding "more" to a patch,but Mr Blog wouldn't accept my comments.
When I'm working on a block,I most always "do" seam treatments before I work on the designated patch.
Now,when working on seam treatments,I'm sure you realize that you don't have to confine your stitching to just covering a particular seam line:Whether it's a geometric style stitching(Cretan or flystitch or basque twisted),or a botanical style stitching(e.g vines,rambling roses,etc)or even a braid or a ribbon or lace, you can meander over several adjoining seams or patches.
If when you start on a patch,you have a theme in mind(Elly's scootin'boots) maybe you could add a hat,fringed skirt/jacket outline,whatever carries on that boot scootin' theme.
When in doubt,you can always add buttons,beads,SRE and create a bead and button trail, or using lace motif,charms create a trail that fits the theme.

Sometimes just adding a spray of greenery around the main motif helps "fill" the patch.
Try sketching to size,the patch you're working on: Add the motif(in this case the BOOTS) and play around with "what ifs" on your sketch;OR colour print off a scan of the block and plan your design on the paper.That way if you've got charms or beads etc you can place them on the patch and view the overall effect before you put needle and thread to fabric.
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